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of Mohave Community College and its

Gift Options

Charitable Adult Rides and Services (CARS)

Charitable Adult Rides and Services (CARS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that accepts donations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, boats, trailers and airplanes for the charity of your choice. By choosing MCC Foundation as your charitable organization, MCCF will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of your donation. Simply call 1-855-500-7433 or visit https://careasy.org/nonprofit/mcc-foundation to make your donation today.


Endowments are gifts that keep on giving. These types of gifts serve as a long-term option to ensure continuance of the Foundation’s mission of advancing the goals and mission of Mohave Community College. Endowments allow continual investment of capital, with generated interest used to issue scholarships to students. As the capital is continually invested, it helps ensure your gift is a permanent source of funding. There is a $30,000 minimum requirement to set up an Endowment with the Mohave Community College Foundation. If you are interested in creating an Endowment, please fill out the Scholarship Form.

General Donation

General Donations are the easiest and most popular way to support the Mohave Community College Foundation. These unrestricted donations allow the Foundation to use funds wherever they are needed most. If you would like to make a general donation, please Donate Now.


The Mohave Community College Foundation may accept an in-kind gift if the donation is something that can be used by the College or the students. Donors are required to fill out an In-Kind Form and submit it for approval before a gift can be accepted. Donors are required to determine the value of their donated item(s), before the item(s) are donated, if they wish to receive a tax receipt.


Membership dues provide an annual fund base for the foundation and its chapters. This annual fund is essential for the long-term planning and acquisition of grants, trusts, endowments and other gifts for the continued growth and development of Mohave Community College’s programs and facilities.

By helping students, you are: Educating the workforce, creating a better future and enriching lives.

By helping MCC you are: Investing in people, your community and your future.

A strong Mohave Community College means educational excellence for the 21st Century.

Your support makes dreams come true for individuals, families and the community.

You may select any or all campuses to receive the benefit of your membership.  The annual membership period is for 12 months, beginning with the month that you join. Dues are tax deductible. Please review IRS and state tax regulations relative to your contribution.

Membership Levels

  • President’s Circle Club – $1,000.00 or more
  • Trustee’s Circle Club – $500.00 or more
  • Dean’s Club – $250.00 or more
  • Family Membership – $100.00 or more
  • Individual Membership – $50.00 or more

If you would like to become a Mohave Community College Foundation Member, please fill out the Membership Form below.

Membership Form

Program Specific

Program specific donations can be used to enhance the learning environment for our faculty, staff, and students. Funds can be used for materials and supplies, technology upgrades, professional development, event support and more.


Provided through donor generosity, scholarships allow the Foundation to provide needed assistance to students and help them achieve their goals. If you would like to donate to an existing scholarship fund, please check out our Scholarship Brochure for a list of our current scholarships available before clicking the “Donate Now” button below. If you would like to set up your own scholarship, please fill out the Scholarship Form.

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