MCC mascot chooses cousin to fill the hooves

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MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College’s mascot Boomer Bighorn is retiring on June
30. Boomer will spend retirement relaxing and climbing mountains with loved ones who are
members of the north Grand Canyon bighorn herd.

Boomer chose Blaze Bighorn from the southern Grand Canyon herd as the new MCC mascot.
Blaze is Boomer’s cousin and happily accepted the position. Blaze always looked up to Boomer
and dreamed of being the MCC mascot.

Blaze is currently transitioning into the new position and Boomer is sticking around to help train
Blaze on being the college mascot, which includes attending college and community events and
working on social media to help elevate the MCC pride and spirits of students, employees and
community members.

“Being the mascot at MCC has been an incredible and memorable journey,” said Boomer, who
started as the college mascot more than two decades ago. “I will miss being around the
students, faculty and staff every day but I have great confidence Blaze will exceed everyone’s
expectations and be an excellent mascot.”

Boomer will still make appearances from time to time and will assist the college by working
remotely on the social media pages.

Blaze is a native Arizonan from the Grand Canyon near the south rim. In their free time bighorn
enjoy mountain climbing, hanging out with friends and eating their favorite food – grass, sage
and cacti.

“I have big hooves to fill. I’m nervous, but thrilled to be a part of the MCC family,” said
Blaze. “I’ve already met a lot of people at the college and I’m looking forward to seeing
everyone at the 2022 MCC graduation ceremony on May 13. I’m also working out to get in
better shape for the first MCC men’s and women’s soccer games in the fall of 2023, where I’ll
help pump up the crowd to cheer on our Bighorn athletes.”

Blaze also encourages people who want help improving their lives to sign up to be a student at
MCC. Get started by filling out the free online application at Summer
semester classes start May 23 and Blaze is looking forward to seeing students at the new
student orientation events the college holds each semester. For more information about
becoming an MCC student, visit the college website, stop by a campus near you or
call 866-MOHAVECC (1-866-664-2832).Those with questions for Blaze or Boomer can contact
them through the college social media pages:

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

TikTok –