MCC alumna overcomes obstacles to pursue degree in education

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MOHAVE COUNTY – Growing up, Stephanie Powell, had great educators make an impact on her life. This impact led her to become a teacher so she can impact future generations. Powell graduated from Mohave Community College with her Associate of Arts in Elementary Education in 2022 and is working at Kingman Academy of Learning Intermediate School as a fourth-grade teacher. 

Powell at a young age was diagnosed with epilepsy and suffered from depression and anxiety. Her life took a positive turn when she was encouraged to “do something” and “get out of the house” so she decided to go to school and work.  

She started working for the Academy as a paraprofessional. Powell decided to attend MCC while her daughter was also registering for classes. She saw how affordable it was to go back to school and decided to enroll.  

“My daughter had already started college classes through the Bridge Summer program so I decided to look into college classes myself to find out it’s affordable especially as a stay-at-home parent and I got to experience it with my daughter,” Powell said. 

She said starting college made her feel nervous but having her daughter beside her and meeting the supportive professors helped make the transition easy.  

“MCC has been a tremendous help to me it has helped me build my confidence and come out of my anxiety-ridden shell,” Powell said. 

She enjoyed learning from her instructors and working with the other students through the program. She decided to pursue a career in education because she found a natural passion in the classroom.  

While attending MCC, Powell was juggling a full-time job, caring for her family and her schoolwork, and was able to reach her goal through the support of her family. As a student, she was Phi Theta Kappa – Alpha Chi Omega chapter president where she spearheaded two projects, giving care packages to the local homeless shelter and taking handwritten letters to The Lingenfelter Center. 

Powell didn’t stop her educational journey at MCC. She is finishing up her bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Northern Arizona University. Powell enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys knitting, sewing, and crafting. For more information about a degree in education, visit